Our contribution to a greener future

We do not just depend upon providing high-quality plastic solutions but are also actively committed to a more environmentally friendly future.
Our decision in favour of a cogeneration (CHP) plant combined with an absorption refrigeration system represents a step towards energy efficiency. This gas-fired system does not just produce heat but also maximises the utilisation of resources through integrated combined heat and power. Part of the generated heat is converted to electricity and then fed into the production process. The rest is then converted using an absorber refrigeration plant and used to cool the machines.
Thanks to advanced recycling of heat in our production processes we minimise the need for additional energy while maximising the efficiency of our processes.
The installation of solar cells in Kleintettau is one further milestone on our way towards renewable energy. This sustainable energy source does not simply contribute to reducing our environmental footprint but also sends a clear signal of our commitment to a sustainable future.
At Gramß Kunststoffverarbeitung, we are convinced that profitability and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. Environmental protection is already a daily reality in our organisation.

Here you can download our Supplier Code of Conduct.